Five Times The Clicks From One Image
500% Increase In Clicks
If you use Facebook and post images you will have noticed that your images just don’t get the clicks you would like. If you add a call to action on an image then your visitor has to click on the link in the description... most don’t do that.
But What If You Could Add An Image On Facebook And Add A Call To Action

How Much More Powerful Is That?
o Looking For The Link To Click, Searching The Description. Just Click On The Image And BAM The Visitor Is Taken Directly Where You Want Them To Go.

In tests we found an increase in over 500% on a side by side image.  So to put that into actual figures. 

5 Clicks On A Normal Image Post Using This New Software 25 Clicks. So What Does That Mean For You?

More Leads Generated

More Sale Conversions

A Better Business

So How Easy Is It To Turn An Image Posted On Facebook
Into A Clickable Image?

Well at the moment it’s near on impossible and takes quite a skilled coder to make that happen.

But we knew that we needed this in our business to generate more traffic on Facebook so we put our development team to work.

And they came back with a solution to turn images into clickable images on Facebook. They made the images social cards.

Introducing CLK Your One Stop Image Solution

You Can Instantly Turn Any Image Into A Clickable Social Card Using This Brand New Tool

Averaging 17 clicks per image compared to a couple of clicks if we were lucky!

Instantly create as many cards as you wish and start generating traffic almost instantly.

You have a full dashboard where you can see the cards you have posted and you can edit them if you wish, Also instantly copy them to create new cards or share them.

You also get live stats that show you how well your cards are doing who is clicking and where they are located.

CLK Is A Very Powerful App That Turns Images Into Traffic Geysers And Lets You Build On Your Facebook Traffic
CLK is a very powerful app that turns images into traffic

geysers and lets you build on your Facebook traffic. We have a very limited deal which gives you unlimited clk image cards, you can create as many as you wish this will work in any market and for any level of experience:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Ecom marketers
  • Offline marketers
  • Bloggers
  • And many more

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