Took 4 Minutes To Add and Increased Conversions to One Page by 40%

Instantly Humanize Your Page

Do you want the visitors who come to your page to take action, sure you get plenty of visitors clicking around your pages. But most of them do not take action

All those clicks but no leads or sales


We took a pretty dead page where we were getting organic traffic daily but that traffic just wasn't taking action.

They were clicking around but they just weren't taking action.

So what do you do to make them buy to turn those lookers into action takers. That make them hit the buy button add in their card info and make a purchase.

Seems Hard Lots Of Website Owners Struggle To Get Their Visitors To Buy


So How Do You Make Those Visitors Buy
Whip out their credit card and create a buying frenzy that turns your site from mediocre to cash cow.

That see’s your products flying off the shelfs.

Seems Like The Impossible Dream Now? I Bet It Does When You Are Just Seeing A Trickle Of Sales…

So probably seems impossible to turn that trickle into an avalanche.

Well what if we showed you a way that would have your visitors tripping over themselves to buy something from you site?

How is that possible I hear you ask?



Our Brand New Cloud Based App That Will Allow You To Add A Simple Popup That Will Trigger At Set Intervals To Show Someone Buying A Product

Imagine this you're browsing a site looking at a product, and a notification window popped up that says.

Mike from New York just purchased a product... the one you are looking at. Now maybe you are only selling 50 of these products or only have so many in stock.

Do You Think That Would Spur You On To Purchase?

Yes of course it would because you have the fear of missing out. You don’t want someone else to have what you want or need. So you jump in and make that purchase.

It pushes a viewer from just a looker to an action taker.

So how would you like to add social proof to your site in minutes using our cloud based app?


Recent Sales

Complete customisation over recent sales proof drive traffic like never before as your visitors see users purchasing.

Custom Notifications

Add a unique custom notification to the page that will get your visitors clicking and taking notice of your sales message

Visitor Count

Show a message to show how many people are visiting your page. This helps your page seem more popular and gets people to take action.

Campaign Objectives

Set up where your visitors should be going so you can easily track how your visitors are converting

Notification Customisation

You can make your notifications look how you want from font size to image size. Color, images and more

Generate Data

You can make your notifications look how you want from font size to image size. Color, images andGenerate your visitor data and this can be done from all over the world. From 19 different countries so works with many different languages. more

Custom Webhooks

Generate sales data from Jvzoo and Clickbank so you can show in real time who is purchasing your products.

Capture Subscribers

Capture subscribers with our inbuilt form system if a user submits they can instantly show in your notifications on your site.

Cloaked Links

Add notifications to any link you want add the url the system instantly cloaks it then just add in your notification.

Pixel Tracking

Add our sales pixel to any page to begin tracking and showing campaigns. This will help you track conversions.


Sales Proof Box Auto Generated With Your Sales Data

Lead Capture Turn Looks Into Leads

Visitor Count On Your Page

Cloak Any Page With Easy Sales Proof

And Much More

Easy Sales Proof Will Work On Any Site And With Any Processor So Do Not Delay Lock This In And Start Getting More Sales Than Ever Before.