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FIVE Unique White Label SaaS Applications For The Price Of One
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  • FIVE unique SAAS applications to sell as your OWN and keep 100% of the money.
  • All completely re-brandable white label software.
  • Includes ALL of the promo material you will ever need to make sales.
  • Full source code included - Make any changes you want.
  • RED HOT niches - Video, email marketing, SEO, membership sites & social engagement.
  • Get regular RECURRING payments by selling access to your own software.
  • Highly sought after software which is PROVEN to convert.

Price Increase In...

Do You Know What the Hottest Kind of Digital Products Are Right Now?

The answer is “Software as a Service”... Or SaaS applications as they're otherwise known

You've no doubt used one yourself... Office 365, Google Apps and Netflix are all SaaS applications, and people love them because they're easy to access, there's nothing to install, and you only pay to subscribe for as long as you want to use them.

You've no doubt used one yourself... Office 365, Google Apps and Netflix are all SaaS applications, and people love them because they're easy to access, there's nothing to install, and you only pay to subscribe for as long as you want to use them.

And if you're a marketer, having your own SaaS product is the best line of business to be in, because instead of a one-off transaction, your customers pay you EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

But Here's The BIG Problem...

Developing your own products costs thousands of dollars and it can take months or often years.

And even after you've put in all that hard work and spent all your cash, there's no guarantee that anyone will actually buy your products.

But what if I told you that you could get hold of a collection of unique software applications that you can sell as your own and keep 100% of the money?

What if I told you that you could re-brand this software in a matter of minutes, and sell access to it for whatever amount you like?

SaaS applications are HOT right now and there are so many opportunities for marketers to make a killing through selling access to their own software as a service.

But up until now, there was no easy, cost effective way to do it.



Start Your Own Successful Online Software Empire

With NONE of the hard work

So What is the Software?

SAAS #1 - Email Surge

This unique application allows you to completely transform your emails, and increase your click through rates in just a few easy clicks.

  • Add Timers
  • Include Videos
  • Create Call-to-Actions
  • Add Gifs

And you can even make emails self-destruct after a period of time.

SAAS #2 - White Label Video Saas

This white label video Saas has everything that you need to optimise your video rank them on Youtube.

  • Schedule Videos
  • Perform Keyword Research
  • Spy On Your Competitors Videos
  • Find & Copy The Best Tags

The software also includes full analytics and is fully compliant with all of YouTube's terms and conditions.

SAAS #2 - Membership Master

This easy-to-use membership platform allows you to set up your own membership site containing whatever content you want, and control users access to it.

  • Resell Access As Your Own
  • Protect Any Kind Of Content
  • Easy-To-Use Admin Area

SAAS #2 - SEO Master

This white label membership platform allows you to have your own done-for-you training site which teaches your members everything that they need to know about SEO.

  • Full SEO Blueprint
  • 100s of Tips for Getting Better Rankings in the Search Engines
  • Resell Access As Your Own
  • Easy-to_Use Admin Area

SAAS #2 - White Label Emoji SAAS

This white label emoji SaaS automatically adds the best emojis to your posts, to make sure that you get maximum exposure every time you post.

  • Automatically Add the Correct Emojis to Your Posts
  • Resell Access As Your Own
  • Easy-to-Use Admin Area

Plus There's More...

All of this software comes with fully formatted sales pages, done for you video sales letters and done for you graphics packs which were all created by our team of expert copywriters and designers.

Not only that but you also get the source code, so you can make any changes to the software that you wish.

This is EVERYTHING that you need to set up your own online business today, selling SaaS applications. And it's all white label so you can add your own branding to make it completely unique to you.

Plus these are all PROVEN products that we know convert like CRAZY because we've spent month's optimizing the sales material.

Follow These 3 Easy Steps To Start Your Own Profitable SAAS Business Today

Step 1

Download and install our 5 done-for-you SAAS applications and install them on your site.

Step 2

Sell access to your membership sites using our done-for-you promo material.

Step 3

Receive regular recurring payments from your subscribers and start profiting.

Get Your Own SaaS Business With None Of The Hard Work

With This Pack Of White Label Applications, Setting Up Your Own Profitable Business Selling Access To Your OWN Software Couldn't Be Easier


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$147 VALUE

EVERYTHING You Need Is Included In This Done-For-You Bundle...

Get ALL OF THIS When You Act Right Now...

  • Email Surge White Label SaaS - Value $147
  • White Label Video SaaS - Value $147
  • Membership Goal White Label SaaS - Value $147
  • SEO Master White Label SaaS - Value $147
  • White Label Emoji SaaS - Value $147
  • Done-For-You Sales Material - Value $127
  • Done-For-You Promo Graphics - Value $137
  • Bonus #1 - Value $97
  • Bonus #2- Value $147

The REAL Value Of This Package Is Over $1,193

But YOU can get it today for a FRACTION of that price!

These SaaS applications are worth at least $147 each, that's a total value of $735, but for a very limited time only we're offering you the opportunity to get hold of ALL FIVE of them for the one off TINY price of just $47.

That's just $47 for 5 unique white label SaaS applications that you can re-brand and sell access to for whatever amount you want. Plus all of the sales material that you will EVER need.

Even if you choose not to resell this software and you just use it for your own marketing purposes, you're getting 5 amazing tools that will transform your business for just $9.40 each.

You Simply Won't Find An Offer Like This Anywhere Else

After this launch the price will be a lot higher, so if you want to get hold of it while it's this low, you'll need to act fast.

And to make this an absolute no-brainer for you, we're also going to offer a complete 30 day guarantee.


What Does SAAS Mean?
SAAS stands for "Software as a Service" and it is a popular way for customers to access your software.
You install the software on a website and your customers log in to access it after paying a monthly fee to you.
All our SAAS applications come with easy to use admin areas to keep track of your subscribers.

What Does White Label Mean?
These SAAS applications are all white label which means that you can change the name and edit all of the branding with your own.
It also means that you will have your own unique software which you can sell access to for what ever amount you like

What's Included?
This offer includes 5 unique SAAS aplications which you can see listed higher up on this page.
Also included is all of the sales and promo material that you will need to promote your membership software.
You also get a copy of the source code for each SAAS.

Do I Need Any Tech Skills?
No special tech skills are needed to install and operate these SAAS applications. If you have run your own blog or website in the past then you will already have all of the knowledge that you need.
We have provided clear and easy to follow instructions that walk you through every step of the set up process, and we have a dedicated support team that are there to help if you have any problems at all.

Can I Edit The Source Code?
Yes, you have full ownership of the source code for each of the five SAAS applications, and you can make any changes that you want to the code.
On top of fully rebranding the software, you can add or remove any functions that you want.

Do I Need My Own Website?
The SAAS applications are intended to be installed on your own website. You can install as many as you want on one single website or you can set them up on separate websites.
Installation is very straight forward and full instructions are given.

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