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Getting video engagement is hard but lucrative if you get it right. Youtube is the second largest search engine and the third most visited site after Google and Facebook.

Over 1 billion hours of video are watched every single day. And over 5 billion videos watched every single day!

If you can create videos that get engagement on Youtube then it is easy to build a following.

2019 is the year to kickstart your video marketing or get left behind as video is just growing and growing.

Did You Know Almost 70% Of All Traffic Online Is From Video
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Over 1.8 billion visitors per month make Youtube the third largest site on the internet so why are you not marketing as hard as possible to get the most traffic from Youtube.

Once you start to get a following on Youtube you will see clicks and shares. Which then will build visitors to your offer or products.

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You Have Already Created Your Video But Then What?


You need to see what your competitors are doing. How they are generating views and getting engagement.


You need to get the tags right getting the tags right will help you rank better for your video


You need to see which keywords your competitors are using and use those keywords yourself


You need to be able to schedule videos at different times of the day for maximum exposure


You need to be able to see at a glance which videos are ranking well and be able to duplicate those


All this and more with our cloud based video tool.

We have our uploading and scheduling system which lets you maximise the exposure. As you can upload videos at times when you are not even there. We have our spy tool that looks at your competitors to see how they are ranking. It gives you an indepth look at what they are using to rank.

We have our in depth video module that looks at keywords, tags and pulls you everything you need about a video. You can use this to help you rank your videos. All housed in a cloud based system with nothing to install and will work on any computer.

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You'll Be Able To Easily...

  • Rank on top of YouTube for any niche...
  • Track your competition and steal their traffic...
  • Uncover the "power" keywords which bring in the most traffic...
  • Find all the keywords and tags used by any video on YouTube...
  • Discover top secret niches...

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This includes the following modules:

Keyword Module

Do full keyword research and find out why your competitors are ranking and you're not and use their keywords on your videos.

Tag Module

Tags are important in ranking your videos use our system to find out what tags your competitors are using to rank their videos and then legally take them.

Schedule Module

Add, edit and schedule your videos through our online system easy to schedule and que these up for maximum conversions.

Rank Monitor Module

Keep track of all your videos then you can easily see what is working for you. Track and monitor your competitors videos as well.

Thumbnail Creator Module

You can create custom thumbnails easily with our in built creator and make your videos stand out.

Social Sharing Module

Create and embed videos using our software and add social sharing direct to the videos.

Competitor Module

See how your competitors are ranking better than you. Get instant useable stats to help you rank better.

And much more fully cloud hosted so will work with any system
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